El Palique de Jerez
Mahogany vermouth. It clings to the passing of time, elegant, combining orange peel and orange blossom to intensely recall the aroma of Jerez. And it sure does! Open the discussion with old Oleroso wines and Pedro Ximénez, speak about botanicals - woodworm, dittany of Crete, angelica...- whilst adding a spicy and another toasted touch, and close with a bitter, sweet and oxidative hue. And voilà! There's nothing else to add.
El Palique de Reus
Red earth vermouth If anything makes this unique it’s the combination of mandarin orange, orange peel and lime. But don't stop at the intense citrus aroma but add a selection of Mediterranean herbs to the conversation: thyme, rosemary, bay leaf... Now, that's right! Amid a sweet and bitter flavour and with a fresh tone, you have become the centre of attention.
El Palique de los Madriles
Ruby red vermouth. The sweet aroma of vanilla, cinnamon, the fruity hues and background Mediterranean herbs reveal the secrets of the most traditional Madrid. We listen to a gentle, sweet, pleasant, fresh voice, whilst smelling wafers, biscuits, strawberry trees. And then, when tasting it, there it is, the woodworm, opening a way amid sweetness and bitterness to give rein to our tongue. No, nothing's been left out.