We are passionate about art and love creating it. Thanks to our vast wine cellar heritage and our interest in innovation, we compose an ample poetry book of wines and brandies which have become a benchmark on a market in which the Mora-Figueroa Domecq family puts its heart. An authentic experience which speaks of Jerez with the design of new, top quality products. We came from the past, but we look to the future.


Live the present and, for once, forget about time. Wander through its streets and find yourself sitting at the bar in a pub. Embrace your people. Recover those moments that were a flash in time and, why not, relive them again. That’s the essence of El Palique. A way of understanding life that is very much ours, which is indeed our own. That blah, blah, blah which speaks of the world, and is condensed in a single conversation. The same that is enclosed in a drink of Palique among friends. Because El Palique is made for good people.

Prepared with exceptional wines macerated in citrus and botanicals with different combinations to achieve aromas and flavours reminiscent of the essence of authenticity. And, in our land, authenticity is in the street. Streets that are alive, that have their own history and that are condensed in three varieties of vermouth in honour of three emblematic places representing the traditions of their people: El Palique de Reus, El Palique de Jerez y El Palique de los Madriles. Because there’s nothing like a good old chat to remember, to arouse in us that lust to live a present that is escaping, but which will always be present.