Brandy E
Brandy E is pure, singular and full of elegant nuances eternal in their persistence. Deep, dark and bright mahogany hues, of high aromatic intensity and great complexity, an ample range of aromas from the holandas of alquitars transformed by a slow oxidation in the interior of casks used years ago in the ageing of Olorosos, Amontillados and Palos Cortados, adding their perfumed reminiscence to the brandy steeped from that contribution of the very American oak wood. A centenary brandy to relish the passing of time and attain a superior experience. Intense in mouth, powerful and very dry. At the same time ample and velvety, reserved for privileged palates.
Brandy E
An indomitable brandy which our family has known how to skilfully temper with experience, turning an old brandy with edges, into a persistent delight. A brandy with unique character that transcends to the actual product. E is its specific category: Extra, "Especial", Exquisite …Eternal. Holandas, casks soaked in wine and time, a long time until taken out to be rounded off in 16 litre demijohns before finally being bottled.
Brandy E
With a limited production, Brandy E redeems our family's history to enclose it in blown bottles following the 18th century artisan process, making each one a unique edition. On this, a hand-painted seal in 18 carat gold representing the two elements of our coat of arms: white gloves and the sword which King Louis XIV awarded to Juan Domecq in 1666 as token of gratitude. An authentic work of art that is kept in a quality chestnut wooden box carved by the expert hands of a master cabinetmaker who has captured the soul of the house and has known how to replicate the front of our palace. Because E is the entrance gate to eternity and our family’s best guarded secret.
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