Wines as verses born from the land that captivate the palate. Wines that are pure poetry which, with their aromas, disclose an art only akin to Jerez. An authentic and true talent, inherited over the centuries by our family, to produce the best brandies and wines in the world. Because Jerez is our land.

Warm, quiet and generous. With soul. A land to which we have passionately given ourselves, because we are part of a great history. An art which is now tradition, cultural heritage relived in the Domecq Palace, our homestead since 1885 and architectonic gem of the Baroque 18th century Jerez, with which for over three centuries, we have been the living legacy of Andalusia.


All art has its artist. And the best advocate of what the Mora-Figueroa Domecq family has been creating for centuries, is found in José Ignacio Santiago Hurtado. Winemaker, self-confessed lover of “Amontillado”, Jose Ignacio Santiago slips into the innermost corners of the liqueur wine cellars to find and reveal those best kept secrets to us.

Because wine is sheer emotion, it’s a ritual that embraces one’s senses and will endure in our memory. Memories that speak of a history that starts in a wineskin and which has waited patiently before coming to light. With its sensitive nose and experienced palate, it seeks and rescues those forgotten gems in ancestral wine cellars to achieve the most exquisite creations respecting the inheritance of a family with a long-standing tradition. A sensitivity of this master, who has known how to read the past, whilst walking towards the future.