Our Tornería Brandy, is the wise combination of different styles and ages of brandies, all from holandas of alquitars, making it an intense, friendly and noble elixir, more than twenty years old. A same blend of various old brandies, among which is our Brandy E, it was destined to rest in two barrels of different origin: one from Oloroso Viejo and another from Pedro Ximénez, for two years in which a distance has been set between one and the other.

At the end of this time, and after performing infinite tests, a final blend was prepared which has rested in demijohns for another year in order to gain a very silky, enveloping and intense gustatory equilibrium.

The combination of aromas is the result of its first dynamic and later static ageing, giving it all the prominence to tobacco, nutmeg, fine wood, eucalyptus, raisins and toasting. A limited and unrepeatable edition which, with each series, will always be different. A product of selection, personality, magic and inspiration.